The Gypsy Exchange project is now complete.  From January to April 2011, participants took part in music and dance learning sessions with Ricardo Marek and Benjamin Czureja, and designed and sewed traditional style Gypsy dance skirts.  See the News page for photos and news from the sessions, and below for photos from the final event which showcased the achievements.  




Gypsy Exchange

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Gypsy Exchange 17 April flyer - front

Sunday 17th April: Gypsy Exchange Party at the Notting Hill Arts Club


A celebration of Gypsy culture, with films, jam sessions, showcases of the music and dance learnt, a costume show of our hand-crafted skirts and shirts, an open mic session, and lots of Gypsy music for people to dance to.  The venue also created special projections around the venue's walls.


Photos below by Steve Cooper.

NottHillDanceKatGosAnaSC8824 NottHillDancersinRowSC8838 NottHillEvrahSkirtSC8851 NottHillGosiaSkirtSC8830 NottHillGundSkirtSC8854 NottHillLjiljanaSkirtSC8835 NottHillProjectionsRedSC8840 NottHillStageGundEvKeithSC8813 NottHillStageGundKeithSC8771

See further photos, taken by audience member Mauro, at this link: