Ricardo and Benjamin Czureja led the first music session, dazzling us with their virtuosic playing and

inspiring us with learning the first 3 pieces of music that will accompany the dances that will be taught.  




Gypsy Exchange

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The music sessions continue, and dance sessions have now also begun, running Wednesdays at Cecil Sharp House.   The costume-making workshop participants have met up to work out the design of Gypsy double-circle dancing skirts, and next we are buying materials and preparing to sew them at an all-day session in February.  Photos below: Cryn makes careful calculations of how many kilometres of fabric will be needed; Ljiljana demonstrates the diameter of the sample skirt.

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The dance and music sessions continue, with the musicians learning more tunes and songs, now adding the individual parts and harmonies for each instrument group, and working out arrangements.  Meanwhile the dancers are working on choreographies to go with the music, and the costume workshop progresses to cutting out and assembling the sections of the dance skirts.

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The dance choreographies are finalised, we start trying it out with the music, and most Gypsy skirts are finished after days and nights of sewing.   We showcase the dances with music from the orchestra at our

Gypsy Culture Day at Cecil Sharp House on March 19, with much success, and now prepare for the final

event on April 17.

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